Continuing Education Approvals

All courses are COPE approved courses.  Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin and North Dakota Boards accept COPE approved courses.

OE Tracker: All participants are required to provide their OE Tracker # and bring their OE tracker card to the CE program. If you do not have an OE tracker number and card, you can get it by going to OE Tracker Number. OE TRACKER captures and stores continuing education attendance data for optometrists. The information is retained in the secure ARBO database and can be accessed online by you.

Smart Phones for tracking attendance: You can use your smart phone to track your CE attendance. Download the app to your iPhone or Android phone and use it to instantly send your attendance of the courses to OE TRACKER. The app is FREE and can be used by anyone who has an OE TRACKER number.  For detailed instructions about the OE Tracker App and how to download it for free, go to

For those conferees who do not have smart phones, we will scan your OE Tracker card to record your attendance.

Minnesota Board of Optometry: The Minnesota Board of Optometry no longer requires you to send a paper certificate. If you are using the smart phone app, the clock hours will be listed in your OE Tracker and will download into your Minnesota renewal system. There will no longer be any paper certificates!  For those being scanned, you will need to wait until MAOO submits your attendance which will take about three weeks. Once submitted, your clock hours will be listed in your OE Tracker and downloaded into the Minnesota license renewal system.

You will NOT receive credit if you are late to a course.