2020 MAOO Speakers and Courses

Friday, OCTOBER 23rd

Speaker: Jeffry Gerson O.D

8 am – 9 am (1 credit) – Eyecare in eSports and Gaming (69015-GO)

As gaming and eSports become more popular, we will be having more patients involved in these endeavors. This course will discuss the affects that gaming has on our eyes and how we can help to address these potential issues. Symptoms of issues as well as potential solutions will be discussed.

9 am – 10 am (1 credit) – Ocular Nutrition Controversies (66173-OP)

Nutrition plays an important role in ocular health. This course will use patient cases to demonstrate how nutrition can potentially be of great benefit to patients. Both foods and supplements will be discussed to make implementation easy for the attendee. The topics will range from A to Z Astaxanthin to Zeaxanthin and will focus on retinal diseases but touch on computer vision syndrome, diabetes and ocular surface as well.

10am -12 pm (2 credits) –  Diabetes: What You Find May Surprise You. (65935-SD)

With the number of Americans with Diabetes and pre-diabetes nearing 100 million, care for these patients is becoming an everyday issue in optometric practice. With optometry at the front line of diabetes care, it is important to be proficient in caring for our patients with diabetes. Statistics, Clinical findings and treatments will all be discussed to try to help form ideas for protocols for care

Speaker: Leonid Skorin, D.O.

1 pm – 3 pm (2 Credits) – Treatment of Pain Including Best Practices in Prescribing Opioids and Controlled Substances (67896-PH)

**This course meeting the MN Board of Optometry requirement**

This course will introduce the etiology of pain and review the various oral pharmacological, non-pharmacological and implantable alternatives in treating pain. Emphasis will be on the best practices in prescribing opioids and other controlled substances. Scattered throughout the presentation will be quiz questions which will help to engage the audience and lead to their further participation in a discussion format.

3 pm – 5 pm (2 credits) – Ocular Emergencies of the Anterior Segment (67146-AS)

Trauma to the eye is commonly seen in optometric practice. This course will review the necessary examination and testing for ocular trauma. It will cover foreign bodies, blunt trauma, orbital fractures and other injuries.


Speaker: Anthony Litwak,  OD

8  – 9 am (1 Credit) – How to Better Diagnose Glaucoma (69570-GL)

9 – 10 am (1 Credit) – How to Determine Glaucoma Progression (65757-GL)

10 am – noon (2 Credits) – Ocular Grand Rounds (65758-PS)

This interactive course will present a variety of cases in anterior segment, retina, glaucoma, uveitis, and neuro-ocular disease. History, clinical findings, auxiliary testing, diagnosis and treatment plans will be addressed for each case. Doctors will use interactive polling to participate in diagnosis and treatment options.

Speaker: John McGreal, OD

1 pm – 2 pm (1 Credit) – MIGS in Modern Glaucoma (66711-GL)

This class will provide a comprehensive overview of today’s mini-invasive glaucoma surgery options, which to use, and when to use them.

2 pm – 3pm (1 Credit) – Change is Coming Again: New CPT for 2021 (65196-PM)

CMS is implementing a new methodology for CPT coding in 2021.  This will affect documentation coding for office visits and will also affect payments.

3 pm – 5 pm (2 Credits) – Special Topics in Medicine (66710-SD)

This course will help eye-care providers keep abreast of the most current trends in internal medicine, neurology, dermatology, cardiovascular, diabetes, and more.