2017 MAOO Speakers

Friday, October 27


Speaker: Anthony Litwak, O.D.

30 Years of Clinical Challenges

This course will present a variety of challenging cases encountered over the last 30 years of clinical practice in the VA Medical Center. Cases will include anterior segment, retina, glaucoma, uveitis, and neuro-ocular disease. History, clinical findings, auxiliary testing, diagnosis and treatment plans will be addressed for each case. Audience participation will be encouraged for differential diagnosis and treatment options.

2 Hours
8 am – 10 am
COPE #51428-SD

Controversies in Glaucoma

This course covers a variety of controversies in glaucoma diagnosis, management and treatment. Topics include IOP variation during the day and night, glaucoma risk factors, when to initiate glaucoma treatment, pattern recognition of structural and functional glaucoma damage, setting target pressures, and pro and cons of medications, laser and surgical treatments used to manage glaucoma. New medical and surgical MIGS treatments will be presented. Determining progression and maintaining compliance will also be discussed.

2 Hour
10 am – 12 am
COPE #51331-GL

Speaker: Jennifer Harthan, O.D.

Fitting Tip for the High Astigmatic and Irregular Cornea Patient

This two hour course reviews new custom soft, hybrid, corneo-scleral and scleral lens designs and their applications for patients with a variety of irregular corneal conditions such as keratoconus, post-graft, post-refractive surgery, and high astigmatism. This course will focus on each lens design and how to select the initial lens based on patient history, corneal profile, and topographic analysis and how practitioners can implement these designs into their practice. A review of the lens assessment and fitting apps will also be discussed. Management of these conditions through clinical cases will be presented.

2 Hours
1 pm- 3 pm
COPE #50619-CL

In Office Care of Emergency Patient Cornea

This two hour lecture discusses corneal emergencies and urgencies that the primary eye care practitioner may encounter. Case examples will emphasize clinically relevant information for the diagnosis and treatment of various non-sight, sight, and in some cases life-threatening conditions.

2 Hours
3 pm- 5 pm
COPE #50189-AS

Saturday, October 28

Speaker: John McGreal, O.D.

AMD What is Next
This class will examine new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to improve our care of wet and dry macular degeneration

2 Hours
8 am -10 am
COPE #46305-PS

New Tools for the Toobox
This class will discuss new and emerging technologies which offer opportunities to enhance our diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in ocular disease management.

2 Hour
10 am -12 am
COPE # 46204-GO

Refractive Cataract Surgery What You Need to Know Now
This class will discuss current and emerging technologies that will effect cataract surgery in America. The focus will be on understanding the complex array of options for doctors and patients Discussions will include Femtosecond Laser, multifocal, accommodating, toric, light adjustable IOLs, and other cataract surgery solutions.

1 Hour
1 pm – 2 pm
COPE # 45720-AS

Speaker: Valerie Kattouf, O.D.

Amblyopia 101 How to Use Current Amblyopia Research in Your Clinical Practice
This lecture will review all of the current amblyopia research and summarize how you can implement the findings into your daily practice. Case based presentations on anisometropic, isometropic, strabismic and image degradation amblyopia will be integrated. The best treatment choices for each patient will be reviewed including lens treatment, occlusion methods, pharmacologic treatment and orthoptics.

1 Hour
2 pm – 3 pm
COPE #50163-FV

Pediatric Pharmacology and Pathology
You will review the most commonly available ocular medications in the pediatric population. Diagnostic, antibiotic, and allergy agents and more will be presented with the age availability, proper dosages and side effects of each discussed. You will learn examination procedures and normative data specific to pediatric pathology diagnosis in infant and toddlers. Presentations of the anterior and posterior segment pathology frequently diagnosed in the pediatric population and the proper treatment for each will be presented.

2 Hour
3 pm – 5 pm
COPE #48269-FV

Sunday, October 29

Speaker: Jeffry Gerson, O.D.

Contemporary Care of the Patient with Diabetes
This course will discuss diabetes not only from the ophthalmic perspective, but also the systemic. The importance of systemic diabetes will be discussed and how it relates to the optometrist.

2 Hours
8 am – 10 am
COPE # 44967-SD

Education in the Round Ocular Nutrition Controversies
Nutrition plays an important role in ocular health, but not everyone agrees on whats best. In this course, we will strive to bring clarity to hotly debated topics related to vision supplements. The speaker will weigh the evidence versus the claims offering both practical tips and expert opinions, while empowering attendees to make rational choices on their own. Attendees should bring a mobile device to the course

1 Hour
10 am – 11 am
COPE #49677-OP

Beat the Blues Inside and Out
As we are all exposed to more harmful short-wavelength blue light, we are just beginning to learn about some of the negative affects it may cause. This course will discuss common sources of blue wavelength light, how and why it may be harmful, how blue light in part may be beneficial and what we should do for our patients.

1 Hour
11 am-12 noon
COPE #50152-GO